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A Word from the Director

Mayumi Yamamoto, Director
Mayumi Yamamoto,

The Gifu University Health Administration Center is both a healthcare and a health education facility for Gifu University students. The center supports the well-being of all students by embracing a gbodyh and gmindh approach to health. In order to help students learn the self-management skills required to control themselves not only during their education but long after graduation, the center strongly focuses on lifelong health education. In addition to the provision of first-aid treatment for any accidents or ill on campus, the center also conducts research in the field of studentsf health management and carries out activities that contribute to the local community. As part of the occupational health practices, we are also assisting in the management of the facultyfs and stafffs health, and health and safety practices including infection control within the university. The university believes that a healthy and clean campus can be achieved by faculty to become model examples of good self-management people for their students.

Many of our students leave their parentsf homes to live independently for the first time when they enter university. Students have been known to lead irregular lifestyles and neglect their nutritional requirements, which can lead to predisease condition. This is particularly the case if students become frequent drinkers or smokers. In light of such lifestyles, annual health checkups quickly identify any issues, assisting in the prevention of disease and the early detection of specific problems. The Gifu University Health Administration Center focuses on high-quality health checkups, including a blood test conducted on every new student at the university, and on giving appropriate advice based on the results of these annual health checkups.

When students enter university, they often involve themselves with clubs or volunteer activities, which expand their range of experience and social interactions. Although they may feel that ghealth knowledgeh does not concern them, it is extremely important for students to master ideal lifestyle that will help them maintain lifelong health.

When considering lifestyle, sleeping, eating, and exercising are often thought of first; however, lifestyle habits involve each and every aspect of daily living. We can learn from experience, such as how to build personal relationships with a minimal amount of stress, or how to form meaningful organizations that provide a sense of purpose in life. We know what is the individualfs strength as a person, such as maintaining good physical health by knowing that rest is required to counter exhaustion, reviewing onefs health based on regular health checkups, or seeking early treatment when feeling unwell by visiting a medical institutions. Good lifestyle not only helps prevent diseases but also improve onefs quality of life, in other words, help one accumulate wisdom on how to live a healthy life.

We, the Gifu University Health Administration Center, strive daily to improve our capabilities so that we can more aptly support our students, and we undertake this task with pride. We sincerely hope that not only our students but also their families will understand the role and function of the center and utilize the centerfs facilities to the fullest.

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