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A List of Previous Information & News

Apr.18.2018 Ikomai Seminar (Group Program)
Let's join!! (PDF)

Mar.15.2018 Let's YOGA! (PDF)

Dec.21.2017 Health Administration Center News No,113
[School year 2018-Informaition on annual health checkup] (PDF)

Nov.28.2017 let's join Yoga!

Nov.22.2017 2017/11/22 Health Administration Center News No.112
uLet's prevent norovirus infection!v (PDF)

Nov.22.2017 2017/11/22 Health Administration Center News No.111
uPrevention of Influenzav (PDF)

Oct.20.2017 IKOMAI Seminar(Group Program) (PDF)

Oct.03.2017 Health Administration Center News No.110
Have you been vaccinated against measles? (PDF)

Jun.01.2017 Jun.01.2017 Health Administration Center News No.109
uHeat Strokev (PDF)

Dec.15.2016 Health Administration Center News No.106
uSchool year 2017-Information on annual health checkupv (PDF)

Dec.09.2016 Health Administration Center News No.105
uEpidemic keratoconjunctivitis has recently become prevalent in Gifu prefecturev (PDF)

Dec.09.2016 Health Administration Center No.104
uZika virus infection is prevalent in Central and South America!v (PDF)

Feb.24.2016 Health Administration Center News No.103
uIt has been installed AED locations on campusv (PDF)

Jan.05.2016 Health Administration Center News No.102
uSchool year 2016-Information on annual health checkupv (PDF)

Aug.20.2015 Health Administration Center News No.101
uMiddle East Respiratory Syndrome(MERS)v (PDF)

Jan.13.2015 Health Administration Center News No.98
uEbola is spreading in certain countries in Africav (PDF)

Jan.13.2015 Health Administration Center News No.100
uThere has been an outbreak of influenza on campusv (PDF)

Dec.16.2014 Health Administration Center News No.99
uSchool year 2015 - Information on annual health@checkupv (PDF)

Oct.15.2014 Health administration Center News No.97
uA case of domestic infection of dengue fever in Japan has been reported after an interval of 70yearsv (PDF)

May.27.2014 Notification of medical examination results for users with X-ray,RI and various chemical materials.
The results of your medical examination are ready.
Please download them from the URL below and check them. When you have checked the results, please click the "Confirmation" button.

May.09.2014 Health Administration Center News No.96
uDo you know about the Hepatitis A virus?v (PDF)

Mar.18.2014 Health Administration Center News No.95
uHave you been vaccinated against measles?v (PDF)

Dec.16.2013 Health Administration Center News No.92
uNotification of Annual Health Checkup in2014v (PDF)

Oct.10.2013 Yoga Class OpenI
For students who cannot wake up easily in the morning or feel tired everyday. (PDF)

Aug.21.2013 Health Administration Center News.No90
Hand foot and mouth disease is spreading nationwide (PDF)

Jul.09.2013 Health Administration Center News. No89
Heat Stroke (PDF)

Apr.09.2013 Director Yamamoto, MD, PhD, MBA introduces the activities in Gifu University Health Administration.
It was published in the Chunichi Shimbun (In Japanese). (PDF)

Mar.18.2013 Notification of Physical Examination Results

The results of your physical examination in 2013 are ready.
Please download them from the URL below and check them.
Please also check the doctorfs comments. If there are any instructions follow them.

You can check your results at the following URL:

Mar.18.2013 Associate Professor Nishio translated "Lacan" (QUE SAIS-JE? No.3660) into Japanese.
Please read the detailed information from Hakusuisha for this book. Learn more...

Feb.27.2013 Assistant Professor Sado: His research was introduced in Gifu Shimbun-sha.
"Understanding the transformation of our Psyche"(in Japanese)
Please continue your search from the following link. Learn more...

Feb.13.2013 Health Administration Center News, No.87
Rubella is spreading (PDF)

Dec.06.2012 Health Administration Center News, No.85
Let's prevent norovirus infection (PDF)

Nov.10.2012 Presidents of Student Health Association in the U.K. and American College Health Association in the U.S. visited Gifu University on Oct 15, 2012.
This event was pressed by Gifu News Paper and Chunichi News Paper in Japanese. (PDF)

Nov.06.2012 Outcome of Questionnaire Survey as to International Students Health Care
-Reply from International Students and Faculties- (PDF)

Oct.25.2012 Health Administration Center News, No.84
Have you been vaccinated against measles? (PDF)

Oct.01.2012 Health Administration Center News, No.83
The influenza Season is Upon Us! (PDF)

Jul.10.2012 Incidence of mycoplasma pneumonia on campus (PDF)

Oct.31.2011 Health Administration Center News, No.73
Let's prevent norovirus infection. (PDF)

Oct.05.2011 Health Administration Center News, No.72
Prevention of Influenza (PDF)

May.30.2011 Health Administration Center News, No.67
To understanding your results of Health Check-ups. (PDF)

Jul.14.2010 Health Administration Center News, No.59
Heat Stroke Prevention and Management (PDF)

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