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Efforts for the prevention of infectious diseases in Gifu University

The spread of infectious disease pathogens lead to large-scale spread of infection, which risk is high on campus where many people engage in group activities. To prevent this risk, it is necessary to have enough immunological defense, antibody and act appropriately with the correct knowledge. When the outbreak of an infectious disease, it is necessary to take measures for preventing the spread of pathogens by sharing information. The preventive actions employed at Gifu University are based on 3 viewpoints: measures for freshman students; education and enlightenment; and measures taken when an infectious disease occurs, for the prevention of infectious diseases.

(1) Antibody test for 4 infectious diseases conducted for freshman students

Antibody titer tests for measles, rubella, chickenpox, and mumps are performed by collecting the blood analysis of all freshman students. Further, we recommend vaccination for students with insufficient titer of antibody.

(2) Education and enlightenment

Compulsory lectures for increasing awareness on the various vaccinations, influenza, and prevention of infectious diseases when traveling overseas are included during the first-year seminar and the special lecture on health science in the physical training course. In addition, we convey information by using our homepage under the Health Administration Center News. Further, we display posters on the importance of hand washing and gargling in washrooms, as well as wearing masks and the use of sanitization alcohol in dormitories and study rooms as practices for improving our environment.

(3) Management in the case of occurrence of an infectious disease

In the event of the outbreak of an infectious disease in our university, managing information is important. This is undertaken by the Health Administration Center, and immediate decisions are made for canceling club activities and lectures by compiling information and monitoring disease occurrences. For this, we created a system for communicating and reporting the onset of a disease inside the university. Please read the following carefully, and contact us immediately in the event of contracting an infectious disease.

Memo for “infectious disease which should be prevented on Campus” (on campus only)

Reporting in the case of occurrence of an infectious disease; for students (PDF)
Reporting in the case of occurrence of an infectious disease; for faculty and staff (PDF)

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