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Dates for Health Checkups

School Year 2019 Health Checkup Dates (PDF)

Annual Health Checkups (Including International Students)

Annual health checkups provide an opportunity for early detection of any health issues and review onefs personal lifestyle. Japanfs School Health and Safety Act require students to undergo annual health checkups, which are conducted in February and March for returning students and April for new students. Therefore, please confirm the available dates to have your health checkup.

After completing your health examination, the Health Administration Center can help you with retesting, explaining your results, health guidance, hospital referrals, and more. Please view this health examination to review your daily lifestyle and improve your health.

Health Checkups for Research Students, Occasional Students, and Auditors
(Including International Students)

Health checkups are conducted in the spring and autumn for research students, occasional students, and auditors. Have your health checkup as soon as possible after enrolling.


When are annual health checkups offered?
At Gifu University, annual health checkups are conducted in February and March for returning students (excluding students who plan to graduate in March) and April for new students. The university will send a notification of upcoming health checkups by Email. Therefore, please be sure to check your university e-mail account. An announcement will also be made by your department office.
Do I absolutely have to undergo a health checkup?
Yes. Health checkups are important for managing your health. Under the School Health and Safety Act, annual health examinations are required to maintain your health and a healthy university environment. Therefore, please have your health checkup. A health certificate may be required for many occasions while in school. The university is happy to issue this certificate free of charge based on the results of your annual health checkup, only if you have undergone one. You may also have your health checkup and a certificate subsequently issued by a hospital; however, you will be responsible for all the associated expenses.
I missed the annual health checkup. What should I do?
The annual health checkups require a significant amount of preparation and number of staff. The university needs to contract with outside health providers to make all necessary preparations. For this reason, the checkups are scheduled in advance. To make the process more convenient for students, appointments may be scheduled online, which greatly reduces the waiting time. Please have your health checkup on the dates when they are offered at the university. If there are pressing circumstances that prevent you from attending your scheduled checkup, please notify the Health Administration Center in advance so that we can discuss other options.
I am an international student. Which health checkup should I have?
If you are a full-time student, please schedule and attend an annual health checkup. If you are a research student, occasional student, or auditor, please schedule and undergo the health checkups offered in the spring and autumn, which are announced by your department. However, if you are enrolling within a 6-month or shorter period, there are no health checkup opportunities offered by the university. Therefore, please have your health checkup at a medical institution and submit the medical checkup result form to the academic affairs upon enrollment.
I am a continuing education student and undergo an annual medical checkup through my employer. Do I still have to have a health checkup at the university?
Under the School Health and Safety Act, health checkups are both an obligation and a right of students. Please submit a copy of your health checkup results from your workplace to the Health Administration Center.
It says to bring a urine sample to the health examination. How should I do that?
Urine sample containers called gpeepholesh are avairable at the academic affairs in each department and the Health Administration Center. close to the dates of the health checkups. Please pick one up in advance and take it home with you.
I received a notice requesting additional testing at the Health Administration Center when I got my health checkup results. Do I have to undergo the additional tests prescribed?
Yes, additional testing is required if indicated. Please visit the Health Administration Center at the date indicated on the slip. If no problems are indicated in the results of the additional tests, you will be issued a health certificate on the spot.
How and when can I check the results of my health checkups?
Your results will usually be available online via the Student Health Administration System in Campusmate V.3.3.7 about one month after undergoing your health examination. You will be notified via Email, AIMS-Gifu, and the university web site when the results are available.
Can I get a health checkup during a leave of absence from the university?
Yes. If you are registered as a student at Gifu University, you qualify for the annual health checkups offered at the university.

Special Health Checkup

A special health checkup is provided for students who come into contact with organic solvents, designated chemical substances, or radiation materials. Please follow the advice of your instructor or mentor as to whether you need this checkup.


What is a special health checkup? If I have undergone an annual health checkup, do I still have to get a special health checkup?
Special health checkups are for students who come into contact with organic solvents, designated chemical substances, or radiation materials on a regular basis. They are separate from the annual health checkups and do not involve additional testing for students for whom issues were detected during the annual health checkups. These special health checkups are provided in the spring and autumn. Please take the special health checkup, spring or autumn at either time.
Who must get a special health checkup?
Please follow the advice of your instructor or mentor.


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