Health Administration Center, Gifu University

Charter and Basic Strategy


The Gifu University Health Administration Center, on the principle of being a “center for the preservation of lifelong health and the cultivation of talented individuals who play an active role in society,” has established the following charter in order to carry out its role as a student support center offering a level of satisfaction that exceeds student expectations.

  • 1. We will provide services to preserve student health.
  • 2. We will promote student health and implement health-guidance programs and a variety of check-ups.
  • 3. We will continue to improve the quality of health and safety on campus.
  • 4. We will plan increased coordination with health professionals of other area universities and offer services to improve the health of university students.

Basic Strategy

(1) Basic Strategy to Improve Health

  • EWe provide a variety of effective, high-quality health check-ups.
  • EOn the basis of the results of various health check-ups, we provide appropriate health guidance and refer patients to health institutions.
  • EIn addition to providing early illness detection and treatment, we provide health education to improve lifestyle, for example, guidance in quitting smoking, for protection against lifestyle-related diseases, as well as dietary guidance.

(2) Basic Strategy to Support Physical Health

  • EWe provide prompt and appropriate first-aid treatment for students in poor health or suffering from physical trauma.
  • EWe provide appropriate advice and support with regard to the treatment of students' medical illnesses and commute to the hospital.
  • EWe provide personalized health counseling to students.

(3) Basic Strategy to Support Mental Health

  • EWe provide prompt and appropriate student mental-health counseling support.
  • EWhile respecting student privacy, we cooperate with a variety of related institutions to devise effective solutions.
  • EWe effectively coordinate functions at the counseling window.
  • EWe offer counseling support that students find satisfactory. We coordinate with departments, families, and medical institutions.

(4) Basic Strategy for a Healthy, Safe, and Sanitary Environment

  • EWe implement campus safety and sanitation policies in cooperation with a variety of committees.
  • EWe take initiatives and participate in health workshops to increase our knowledge and awareness of safety and sanitation.
  • EWe promptly and proactively adopt and implement illness- and accident-prevention measures and various improvement initiatives to enhance safety and sanitation.
  • EWe proactively file incident/accident reports, publish them in order to generate awareness among university faculty/staff.
  • EWe review the risk-management manual and convey information from the manual to all.

(5) Basic Strategy for Education and Awareness

  • EWe ensure that students receive extensive health education (including the importance of quitting smoking, protection against infections, lifestyle-related illness prevention, personal management, lifesaving, and resuscitation, etc.).
  • EWe effectively provide information through media such as our homepage and plasma displays.
  • EWe work proactively to provide health information publications such as pamphlets and Health Center news.
  • EWe conduct lectures and workshops related to student health on campus.

(6) Basic Strategy for Application of Health Information Management

  • EBearing in mind the importance of individual privacy, we confidentially record and maintain student health information.
  • EWe epidemiologically analyze and disseminate data related to student health and convey our findings to the student community. Further, we use data effectively for student health-management practices.

(7) Basic Strategy for a Healthy, Safe, and Sanitary Environment

  • EUnder the strong leadership of the Center's director, we aim to enhance our facility and its functions.
  • EWith regard to student health information, we promote the optimization of procedures through our integrated management system and centralized digitization.
  • EWe will develop plans for student health-management operations, set quantitative goals from a long-term perspective, and proactively promote our management in order to enhance our student-support functions.
  • EWe encourage our staff to continually devote themselves to the acquisition of knowledge and skills for student support.
  • EWith regard to health check-ups, education, and research activities, we constantly undertake self-examinations and self-assessments in order to improve the implementation of our duties.

(8) Basic Strategy for Research and Contribution to Society

  • EWe promote research offering a scientific basis to ensure the optimal health of university students.
  • EIn order to improve the health of university students, we cooperate with other area universities and administrations and proactively develop our operations.
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