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Promotion of Lifelong Health

Gifu University dedicates effort and resources to educate students about lifelong health.

Quit Smoking

The Gifu University campus is smoke-free. This is because we want our students to lead lives unrelated and unattached to cigarettes. Many researches show that many lifelong smokers begin smoking around 20 years old. Therefore, we believe that if our students can avoid smoking during campus lives, they have a better chance of never smoking thereafter.

The Health Administration Center provides support services to help students quit smoking.

Smoking is detrimental to health, and it is well documented that people who start smoking younger have higher mortality rates from cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, etc. Now, One in every two Japanese die of cancer. Furthermore, one third of all cancers are reportedly caused by smoking. For your future health, the Health Administration Center is ready to help you quit smoking.

Please see the information on smoking from the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare:

Support Provided by the Health Administration Center

  • A public health nurse or registered nurse will inquire about the studentfs past and current smoking habits and provide advice and explanations on how to quit smoking if the student intends to do so.
  • The amount of carbon monoxide in the studentfs breath will be measured with a Smokerlyzer®.
  • The student will start nicotine replacement therapy using nicotine patches, which will be prescribed by a physician.
  • The student will visit the Health Administration Center each week, and a nurse will check whether the student has abstained from tobacco products, is having trouble with the patches, etc. The center will explain how to deal with the studentfs current conditions. This support will continue until the student successfully quits smoking.
  • Donft give up if you try to quit but canft do it yourself! Don't hesitate to visit the Health Administration Center.

About nicotine patches

A nicotine patch is a medical patch containing nicotine that is attached to the skin, allowing nicotine to be gradually absorbed into the body. A far smaller amount of nicotine is taken into the body than when smoking, then, the patches can mitigate the withdrawal symptoms experienced by many smokers.

* The Health Administration Center provides counseling for smokers at any time. Please visit the center during a physicianfs office hours, if you need nicotine patches, since nicotine patches can only be prescribed by a physician.

Total Smoking Ban at Gifu University

The Gifu University campus has been completely smoke-free since 2005, the universityfs efforts has been effective to prevent students from smoking and help them quit smoking.

Please see: Efforts toward a completely smoke-free Gifu University campus

Achievements in the Good Practice of the Student Support Program for New Social Needs

Since 2007, Gifu Universityfs Student Support Program for Lifelong Health has been approved as a “good practice of the Student Support Program for New Social Needs” by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology.

Health Promotion Book for University Students

Bookimage (Japanese)
Bookimage (English)

The Gifu University Health Management Research Council wrote and published the Japanese version to enhance university studentsf self-management ability. Japan University Health Association and Japanese National University Council of Health Administration Facilities wrote and published the English version.

The book is provided free of charge to all new students of Gifu University.

This book is available at universities across Japan and can be customized with the universityfs name and information.

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