Health Administration Center, Gifu University

Occupational Health

Health Management for Faculty and Staff

The Health Administration Center provides health management services to improve the health of the faculty and staff.

Workplace Health Management
(According to Article 66 of the Industrial Safety and Health Act)

An industrial physician and an occupational health nurse will interview the faculty and staff on the basis of their university health checkup results.

Please understand the importance of this and cooperate with the Health Administration Center by scheduling your interview.

For a guide to health check-ups, please see the Health Checkup Information, Personnel Section, General Affairs Department (on campus only).

Health Counseling

Industrial physicians are available for counseling on work-related health issues and health concerns. Please do not hesitate to visit the Health Administration Center, especially if returning to work after a sick leave or if you are worried about stress caused by overwork, etc. Physicians can advise your mentor and provide information on hospitals and referrals as needed. There are also occupational health nurses to help improve the health of the faculty and staff.

Please schedule your appointment in advance by phone or e-mail to allow adequate time to arrange each consultation.

Health Counseling with an Industrial Physician

Aki Kanoh, MD, PhD
Specialty: internal medicine
Mon. & Tue. 10:00–12:00 am
Thu. 10:00 am–4:00 pm
Akihiro Nishio, MD
Specialty: psychiatry
Mon. & Thu. 10:00–12:30 am
Wed. 1:30 pm–4:00 pm

For appointments or questions

Tel/Fax: 058-293-3361 (9:00 am–5:00 pm)
E-mail: (Health support for Faculty / Staff)

First Aid for Illness or Injury at Work

In the event of a sudden illness or injury while at work, the Health Administration Center will provide first aid to the faculty, staff and may refer them to a local hospital, depending on their condition. The labor union clinic for faculty and staff has been closed; therefore, it can no longer provide testing, prescriptions, and other health-care services covered by the national health insurance.

The personal health information of the faculty and staff is managed in accordance with the rules of Gifu University (see Rules on Personal Information Management).

Except for emergencies or life-threatening illnesses, this information is not disclosed to anyone outside the Health Administration Center without the permission of the individual concerned. However, an industrial physician may require disclosure of the individualfs place of employment if and when special measures are necessary to maintain the health of the individual concerned and others exposed to the same environment.


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